For "Ole" the experience of serving in Vietnam is more than a memory. It was the source of close, life-long friendships, an insight into the "humanism of the planet," but most of all the influence on his life's work as an artist. 

In this image Ole recalls looking out the helicopter window at the rice patties, rivers and other landscape features below.

Professor emeritus at UGA's Lamar Dodd School of Art, Ole signed up to serve as a young man seeking Hemmingway-like adventure. His war buddies are still close friends, and he was a key influence in establishing a Vietnam War Veterans Art Museum in Chicago.

The Steffan Thomas Museum of Art, 4200 Bethany Road, Buckhead, GA is host to his show Vietnam Revisited III: Another Focus, opening May 18th.

This exhibition of works by Richard J. Olsen has been curated by guest curators Drs. Andrew & Hathia Hayes. The artwork in this collection represents not only the artist's response to his Vietnam experiences as a helicopter pilot, but also the direction in which his work went post-war.

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