Ric Wetherbee served in Vietnam the year of 1967 literately in the trenches.  "It was like a year-long camping trip," but grueling, he said.  Off camera he described how during the Monsoon season he tied his head to a tree to keep it elevated when sleeping so he wouldn't drown. The movie Platoon, he said, was much like his experience.

Having left the country to first serve in Germany in 1965, he was shocked to return in 1968 to people calling him "baby killer." He had no idea about how public sentiment had soured.

Ric recalled Christmas that year and how suddenly the constant background noise of gunfire stopped at midnight. It was so quiet people actually woke up from the silence.  In the distant valley he could hear children singing. Of course the reprieve lasted only a day and the Tet Offensive began shortly afterwards.

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