Vietnam Veteran John Cranmer served in the Navy in Vietnam on a small landing craft that transported supplies to military outposts.  "We got shot at from both sides of the river," John explained in his short story about his Vietnam experience archived on our website. He served during the Tet Offensive at a time when fighting was most intense.

He took away from his experience the realization that life is short.  "It caused me to think seriously about my future and how I wanted to spend my life."

After the war, John worked in a publishing ministry, Source of Light Ministries in Morgan County.  He is chaplain for the Military Order of the Purple Heart, and works with high school students in ROTC and veterans from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan among others. In the photo above, John presented an award to Timothy Hollis, ROTC Cadet from Green County High School.

Enjoy this and other stories from our Athens area Vietnam vets from our website.  If you'd like to share a Vietnam memory with us contact Madeline Darnell, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 706-613-3650 ext. 343.

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