Even with 3 purple hearts and so many years of service, Don Wildsmith doesn't think of himself as a hero.  He says he was simply doing what needed to be done at the time. He served in Vietnam in the Army as a medic, performing medical evacuations in a helicopter, sometimes in peaceful circumstances and sometimes in combat. After Vietnam he served another 30 years in the Navy.

In the recording of Don's memories of Vietnam, he tells a few stories about his service, and one of a remarkable coincidence. A doctor who attended to one of his wounds in Vietnam, was also the doctor who delivered his daughter in Georgia a few years later.

May Kay Mitchell, who interviewed Don, called him a Renaissance Man because these days you'll find Don directing cultural affairs and occasionally performing on the stage in Winder, GA.

If you are a Vietnam Vet in the Athens area who would like to share a memory, please contact Madeline Darnell, 706-613-3650 ext. 343 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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