We now have a video to explain how to join a live WebEx webcast. Click on the Image of the Youtube full screen button button to view the video in full screen mode. The original instructions are below the video if you prefer them.


Easy as 1 2 3 4!

We suggest you log in 10 minutes before the Community Snapshot is scheduled to begin if this is your first time. There are only 30 participants allowed, first come first serve.

1. Locate the email with your invitation to the community snapshot. Click on the link under the section, “To join the training session.”


1. Click on the link on the Community Snapshot page of rslathens.org which will be posted a few days before the program. You will be taken to the Library's WebEx page.  Click on the program title you wish to join.

2. Next window, Click “Join." Enter your name and email address. Session password is always 123456 if it is not filled in automatically. If you don't see "join" it means you are too early. Refresh your screen closer to the start time.

3. Next window, Audio Conference. Choose "Use Phone." See illustration below.

4.  Next screen, after the words "Call me at a new number," click on the down arrow.  Select "I will call in." See illustration below.


5. Set your phone to speakerphone or hands free for ease, but this is optional.

Dial the 1-877-669-3239 number.

You will be prompted to enter the access code followed by the pound sign (#) and

Enter your attendee ID followed by the pound sign (#)

These steps will put you right into the live Community Snapshot from your computer.  If you'd like to know how to connect using VOIP, contact us for instructions at least a day in advance of the community snapshot or follow the instructions on screen.