Here is a selection of links that Boomers may find useful. If you have others to suggest please contact us on this website.

Best of the Web. A helpful resource for finding websites and blogs that are picked by editors and categorized.  Be aware this is a commercial venture, but is very helpful if you are looking for specific information. Take free courses from great universities all over the world. Learn from some of the best professors in the world.

Library Databases From Home: Have you tried any of our online resources? We offer access to lots of useful databases and other tools right here on our website. All you need is a home computer with Internet access and your library card! In fact you don't really need your own computer.  The library has lots of free computers you can use.  2025 Baxter Street, Athens, GA Senior Living gives links to information on health, relationships, jobs/finance and other senior living topics.

Athens World: A blog about the economic and cultural life of Athens and Northeast Georgia

Primary Source, a newsletter about the work and accomplishments of the Institute of Museums and Library Services

Google Art Project: Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces. From this website learn basic computer skills like introduction to email, basic search skills, Windows 7.  The site keeps growing. If you are already techno-savvy, you can help others cross the "digital divide" through this website sponsored by the American Library Association and the U. S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.

In the Muse, a performing arts blog, showcases treasures from the music, theater, and dance collections at the Library of Congress. From works of the great masters to slices of our musical heritage, In the Muse provides historical background and images and, in some cases, audio clips. The blog also highlights events from the Library's concert series.

Boomers in the News:

Cartoon video about boomers. Sometimes it helps to laugh at ourselves.

Our children are possibly the most big-hearted and open-minded of any generation ever.  READ MORE from AARP

Many of their kids are out budgeting the Baby Boomers - NPR. (more)

Boomers as Caregivers the New Norm. The story from CNN News warns that this is the next big health crisis. Joan Lunden, former host for "Good Morning America," tells the story of finding care for her mother and offers resources for families and caregivers.