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Drug Rehab Addiction Terms You Should Know

Assessment for Substance Abuse
This is a term used by treatment centers to diagnose the degree of harmful involvement caused by their client’s exposure to mood altering substances. School based prevention/intervention specialists do not perform assessments. They are qualified to provide pre-assessment, screening, and referral services.

Average Daily Attendance
(ADA) is the aggregate attendance of a school during a reporting period (normally school year) divided by the number of days school is in session during this period. Only days on which pupils are under the guidance and direction of teachers are considered as days in session.

At Risk
Factors that increase the chances of youth developing health and behavior problems are called risk factors. Individuals, families and communities which possess these factors are considered at risk. Those that possess several are considered high risk.

Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention located in Atlanta, Georgia, is an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services, www.cdc.gov/ .

Most commonly used in conjunction with tobacco. Cessation is a term referred to activities which hold the goal of helping a tobacco user quit. Whether cessation is an intervention or treatment is currently controversial as it has implications with regards to service and funding responsibilities.

Children of Alcoholics. More commonly referred to as “affected others” children who are affected by the alcohol and/or other drug abuse.

Communities that Care
Prevention program developed by DRP based on risk and protective factors.

Community Mobilization
Washington state-wide program funded by CTED. Violence prevention protection through community organization for increasing neighborhood safety (e.g. block watches, Safe Streets).

Schools, treatment, and mental health all uphold the confidentiality rights of clients, though may operate on different definitions.

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