RSL planned lots of cool indoor things to do this summer. Starting July 17, a group of exciting exhibitions and an event will be at Lyndon House Arts Center. On July 24, at 7 p.m. a fabulous Community Snapshot, Meat and Three: A Delicious Look at the Athens Food Scene Then and Now will be at the Athens Clarke County Library/, Appleton Auditorium.

Everyone is welcome to the reception for Digital Summer 2014, Thursday, July 17 from 6 to 8 p.m. featuring the RSL sponsored exhibition Roy G. Biv, and a chance to meet Didi Dunphy, the new supervisor of Lyndon House Arts Center as she leads visitors through the newest exhibitions. Roy G. Biv is an interactive visual art experience where visitors select colors on a tablet to fill designated areas on an image projected on a gallery wall. There is not a tangible art object, rather an art process resulting in a continuing experience which can inspire the investigation of color and its nature and influence on everything in our lives.

In the photo to the left, Curator Nancy Lukasiewicz and Richard Fraysher work on the installation of Roy G. Biv 8.2.

Two other exciting exhibits continuing until August 16, and the Athens Maker Fest event August 9 make up the Digital Summer. BitDome by Zane Cochran, an interactive environment that allows a viewer to immerse themselves in a 360 degree experience of light and music, is co-sponsored by HatchAthens. Athens Maker Fest on August 9 from 2 - 6 p.m. at Lyndon House will hosts dozens of "makers" all willing to share their knowledge to help other people or are or want to be makers. The makers at Maker Fest create things from traditional arts and crafts like feltmaking and woodcarving to technology based creations such as digital drawing and 3D printing.

Gather in the Appleton Auditorium at the library on Thursday evening, July 24 at 7 p.m. for Meet and Three: A delicious Look at the Athens Food Scene then and Now will showcase the latest eating trends in Athens. Mary Charles Howard, of Georgia Food Tours Athens, will help us discover why some call Athens the Best Foodie Town of the Southeast. Reminiscing about restaurants and food from Athens past will be Athens historian Milton Leathers, food and event master Lee Epting along with Roy Moseman and Jerry Crawley of the popular Facebook page Growing Up in Athens GA, and a surprise guest from The Last Resort Grill. To top it all off, Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market has donated a $50 gift certificate and a t-shirt for a lucky door-prize winner.

If you can't come in person, you can watch it live from a computer, tablet, or phone or watch it later from the RSL website archiveCLICK HERE to watch it live online. You can watch without registering, but if you'd like to ask a question, we suggest you register before the program begins.

These events are made possible through a leadership grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services called Reflecting, Sharing, Learning, awarded to the Athens Regional Library System and Lyndon House Arts Center.

There is not a charge to any of the events listed here.




The tasks a caregiver does with love can become overwhelming. How does a person cope with the grief that comes after a diagnosis or an accident? What plans does a caregiver need to make or prevent becoming frazzled with stress? How do caregivers forgive those who don't help? How do you keep your other relationships in a good place?

June's Community Snapshot program, Caregiving: The Sweet Burden, deals with serious issues in a light-hearted way in the first part of the program, followed by a more serious panel discussion from veteran caregivers who hope their experiences will help others in a similar situation.

The program, which is free and open to the public, begins with an original play by Muriel Pritchett called Bertie's Last Stand. The play takes a humorous look at the tensions within a family when an elder moves in. A panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Anne Glass from the UGA Institute of Gerontology, follows. Taken together, panel members will discuss a wide variety of care-giving situations. Audience members will have an opportunity to ask questions of Glass or the other panel members.

The program will take place in the auditorium of the Library, 2025 Baxter St., Athens, and will also be streamed live online. To be able to ask questions of Dr. Glass or the Panel from your computer or tablet at home, you'll need to register with LiveStream. Otherwise, CLICK ON THIS link to join the program and watch as if you were in the room. The program will also be recorded and archived for later watching.

This program is made possible through a leadership grant from the U. S. Institute of Museum and Library Services called Reflecting, Sharing, Learning, awarded to the Athens Regional Library System and Lyndon House Arts Center.



The films The Spectacular Now, and Trouble with The Curve have been shot in Athens, Georgia in the last couple of years as well as several television shows and a few independent films. The film industry in the Athens area has created a new kind of job opportunity for those who have the time: being an extra in a film.

Lois Brown, a panelist in "I Want To Be In Pictures" said,"I really enjoy movies. Being an extra was great because I got to experience what it is like behind the scenes to make a movie.  I'd recommend it." 

Lois, and her husband Ted Brown, Danielle Rusk (founder of Film Athens) and Madeline Van Dyke, shared their experiences with being movie extras from where to find the opportunities, to sending in an application, to what to do when you get there. CLICK HERE to watch the recorded program.

"Learn the phrase 'hurry up and wait,'" advised Lois. There is a lot of sitting around but when they need you to move, you gotta move."  They'll often ask you to bring in wardrobe changes, and people who do this a lot end up bringing a suitcase with rollers and everything they need.

Ted told about being a featured extra in Devil's Knot, which was filmed in Cartersville. "The company asked me to go to Atlanta for a wardrobe fitting." On  the set, he added, make up artists did his make-up and refreshed it between shoots." A film clip of Devil's Knot showed Ted in his role as juror.

Madeline said it was exciting to be in the Globe Theater with Justin Timberlake and Amy Adams, eating a steak dinner provided to the extras as part of the set. However, all of the panelists warned that talking with the stars was strictly prohibited.

Danielle said to consider being extras in independent films for the experience. "Often there is not the $8.00 per hour that you earn in commercial productions, but they give you lunch and some interesting experiences."

Ted and Lois provided this list of Extras Casting Companies on Facebook. They recommend "friending" these companies if you are interested in finding roles as extras: CL Casting, Extras Casting Atlanta, Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment, Marinella Hume Casting, New Life Casting, Tammy Smith Casting - Atlanta.