Henry Grady and The New South

A lecture by Dr E Culpepper "Cully" Clark

Thursday, January 28 • 7:00 pm


Taylor-Grady House

634 Prince Avenue

Athens, Georgia

Clark is Dean Emeritus at the University of Georgia’s Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication and is known as an expert on Henry Grady.

Dr Clark's remarks will emphasize Grady's role in the New South Movement and how the assessments of it have evolved over time. Clark will also note how Grady became the principal champion of the movement in the three short years between his remarkable New South Address at Delmonico's in New York and his untimely death, December 23, 1889, at age 39. He will demonstrate how Grady's coverage of a natural disaster, the Charleston Earthquake of August 31, 1886, vaulted him to prominence.  

Clark’s research and writing has focused on the New South Movement and Civil Rights.  His book The Schoolhouse Door: Segregation's Last Stand at the University of Alabama (Oxford 1993) made The New York Times Book Review's Notable Books list. He is dean and professor emeritus at both the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia. Clark retired July 1, 2013, and recently published a centennial history of the Grady College. Clark is currently working on a book to be titled William Tecumseh Sherman, Henry Woodfin Grady, and the Making of Atlanta.  He will have a few words about its working thesis. Grady College Dean Charles N. Davis will introduce Clark.

The event will take place in the house’s double parlor. The Junior League will be on hand serving refreshments, and Janet Parker will be giving guided tours of the house during an open house beginning at 5:30. Overflow parking is located at 740 Prince Avenue, and a small exhibition of Henry Grady memorabilia will also be on display in the Heritage Room at the Library.



If you have been wondering where the videos from the RSL programs of the last few months are, wonder no longer! We present recordings of the last five Reflecting, Sharing, Learning evenings at the library, plus a Friends of The Athens-Clarke County Library-sponsored afternoon with Hugh Acheson, renowned Athens chef and restauranteur. UGA's Dr Anne Glass talks about alternative ideas in housing for seniors; Dr Bonnie Cramond from the Paul Torrance Center gives ideas on preserving creativity into one's 70s; Dr Chuck Brodie contemplates 30 years of retirement for some of us, and Professor Donald E Wilkes Jr returns for another look at the continuing mysteries surrounding the JFK assassination. All that plus spooky storytelling by two Athens Regional Library System denizens, Donna O'Kelley Butler and Eddie Whitlock!


Fifty-two years later, mysteries continue to surround the murder of our 35th president. Is the Zapruder film reliable? Why did the CIA stonewall the Warren Commission? Was what happened in Dealey Plaza a classic military-style ambush? Should we ever have believed that a lone assassin shot JFK? In what ways does the JFK Assassination Records Review Board’s investigation throw light on these and other assassination mysteries? Professor Donald E. Wilkes, Jr. addresses these and other questions in his second JFK assassination speech at the Athens Regional Library in two years. This speech was delivered on November 19, 2015.

Professor Wilkes has spent years studying the events of half a century ago and has written extensively on the subject, having published 42 articles on the assassination. He was a law professor at the University of Georgia for over 40 years, and is the author of five books and nearly 300 published scholarly works.